#65-Top Toy- LeapFrog LeapReader Reading and Writing System, Green

November 23, 2013 - Comment

LeapReader is the most appropriate examine-to-read-and-write system that helps your child learns to read and write by way of sounding out phrases and guiding letter strokes interactively. LeapReader engages kids in imaginative tales with vigorous character voices while constructing vocabulary abilities and growing studying comprehension abilities. Interactive handwriting guidance helps kids analyze to put in

LeapReader is the most appropriate examine-to-read-and-write system that helps your child learns to read and write by way of sounding out phrases and guiding letter strokes interactively. LeapReader engages kids in imaginative tales with vigorous character voices while constructing vocabulary abilities and growing studying comprehension abilities. Interactive handwriting guidance helps kids analyze to put in writing stroke-through-stroke on mess-free, no ink LeapFrog Finding out Paper. Plus LeapReader helps increase listening comprehension talents on-the-go together with a growing library of 100+ audio books and extra that includes basic and standard children’s books that motivate a love of reading. Sampler guide integrated – All different books, games, audio books and handwriting workbooks are bought one by one.

Works With: select LeapReader and Tag books, a library of a hundred and fifty + books, video games and more. Sold separately.

Teaches reading, comprehension, phonics talents, vocabulary, writing and letter varieties.

LeapReader holds audio for 40+ books Assist Your Child Analyze to Read & Write LeapReader is all the examine-to-learn-and-write machine that helps your kid examine to read and write through sounding out phrases and guiding letter strokes interactively.** LeapReader engages children in innovative stories with lively personality voices while building vocabulary and reading comprehension abilities.
The Finding out Difference Youngsters analyze to read and write higher when they learn to learn and write collectively. LeapReader is the whole analyze-to-learn-and-write resolution that combines three essential literacy abilities: reading, writing and listening. By using training them together, youngsters can develop the skills they want help them transform assured, unbiased readers.
Examine to Learn Build necessary early reading fundamentals like phonics, vocabulary and reading comprehension. Carry tales to lifestyles with lively persona voices and enjoyable sound results as LeapReader sounds phrases out letter with the aid of letter.**
Learn to Write Interactive handwriting guidance helps youngsters research to write down stroke-via-stroke, as their writing magically seems on different LeapFrog Finding out Paper.** Observe writing letters and numbers, words and equations, and clear up math problems and puzzles.
Study thru Listening LeapReader helps advance listening comprehension talents on-the-go along with a growing library of a hundred+ audio books and more featuring traditional and standard children’s books that motivate a love of studying. Sing along with enjoyable finding out songs each time, anywhere and experience fun trivialities challenges.
150+ books and extra! Uncover our rising library of 150+ interactive books, writing actions and audio books, songs and trivialities challenges. Many Tag books are compatible with LeapReader and lots of LeapReader books are also suitable with Tag. For a listing of suitable titles, seek advice from the LeapFrog company website.

Our Educator-Approved*** Finding out Library

The LeapReader library lets oldsters easily navigate their kid’s learning journey and make a selection titles based on their kid’s reading stage†.

Early Studying SeriesBuild core phonics abilities Learn and Write CollectionLearn to learn & write Learn on Your Own CollectionGrow vocabulary & comprehension abilities Study thru Reading SeriesExplore thru maps,
puzzles & extra Listening Series: Audio books,
tune & trivialities challenges
  Age Vary four-8 Years Core Curriculum Reading & Writing Abilities Contains USB rechargeable battery     Learning Features Builds studying comprehension skills Deals interactive writing steerage Sounds out words & reads sentences* Performs learning songs with the built-in audio player     Finding out Library Library photograph one hundred fifty+ titles   Books   Maps   Flash Cards   eBook Units   Writing Workbooks   Magic Writing Paper   Audio Books   Music Albums   Minutiae Challenges Content included with purchase Sampler guide and 3 audio titles On-board reminiscence 256 MB Maximum storage capacity of content
titles on device* Over forty     Compatibility Works with Tag library Works with most Tag books* Works with LeapReader library Works with LeapReader Learn &
Write Sequence of writing books Works with the LeapReader library of
audio books, tune and minutiae challenges   Other Specs AC Adapter In the marketplace Headphone Jack Online Guardian Portal USB Port *For a list of appropriate titles, talk over with the LeapFrog corporate site.
**Exact storage capability on the Tag and LeapReader gadgets could vary depending on the content material downloaded.

Product Features

  • LeapReader helps your youngster study to learn and write with self assurance with the aid of instructing reading comprehension, vocabulary and listening abilities
  • Includes a LeapReader, task sampler, Learning Paper writing sheet plus download 1 Audio e-Book Bundle, 1 Music Album and 1 Trivia Challenge p.c.
  • Works with LeapReader and Tag books* (a library of one hundred fifty+ books, games and more). Bought separately. *Make a choice Tag books handiest
  • Teaches reading, comprehension, phonics abilities, vocabulary, writing and letter types
  • A while 4-8 years


H. Gardner "Super Mom Shopper" says:

Better than the old one, but still not perfect. This product is missing one thing…the ability to hold ALL of the content. I wish you could download to a USB drive or something and plug into the pen, the book you want to read. Having said that, the old one only held 10 or 12 books. That made it a product that we liked, but didn’t love. This one says that it holds up to 40 titles. As it is now, it holds all the compatible titles that we currently have. Not all are compatible however, and some that will be, are not yet.The other downside with this product is that when you want to download another title, you have to re-download it every time. It doesn’t save them like it used to. That may not make sense to the new users, and isn’t a huge issue due to the larger storage capability, but still mildly annoying.With all of the negatives out of the way, I still would recommend this product. The battery life is long. We will go several months before it needs to be changed. It allows a child who loves books…

Tina says:

Existing Tag Users: Temper your Excitement. We are long time users of the Tag pen system. We were pretty excited to read about this new and improved version several months ago when it was announced. We pre-ordered it so we could be some of the first to use it. We got one for each of our children – two total. We did not order from Amazon – though that would have been our preference. Amazon just didn’t have the purple one in stock when we ordered. If you are excited for this improved device, it would be wise to temper your excitement. Though this is an improvement, it’s not a direct upgrade.Many of the Tag books that are supposed to be compatible have not been readied for the device quite yet. I’m surprised LeapFrog put this device out without baking their content fully. It seems content would take less time and effort than the hardware, but that’s just a guess. Also, contrary to many of the early reviews I’ve seen, NOT ALL TAG BOOKS WILL BE COMPATIBLE. LeapFrog has a list of compatible titles on their website…

SoCalCouponMommy says:

Amazing Product – Great Value My daughter has had the LeapReader for about two weeks now and loves it. She is always “reading” and playing with it. I love that you have the ability to work with your child on their letters, numbers and more with this product as well. Its not just for reading which is a major plus in my book. I wanted a product that will help get my daughter ready for school. She has mastered her ABC’s and 123’s but to be able to help her learn to read, identify words, letters and learn to write is amazing.This product is an amazing value when you look at the many years of use your child will have. In addition to the many different methods of learning that LeapFrog has packed into this amazing product. In addition the books and workbooks are very reasonably priced, and make great rewards, gifts and more. I strongly encourage that you check out this product, and consider purchasing it next time you are in the market for a new toy for your child or a gift. You will be glad that you did.

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